Pseudo Imitation, 2023

The chair, that is made from European cherrywood and linen webbing, is inspired by the assembly hall at Copenhagen Technical School on Julius Thomsens Gade. The chair’s construction echoes the square patterning of the grating below the large window sections, causing it to blend in with its context and slightly camouflaging its presence.

Designed and fabricated in collaboration with Nina Ballegaard

Photo Kristian Holm

Linen webbing by Thomas Bruun Olsen, Bruun Olsen Flet

Supported by &Tradition


Vitrine, 2023

Vitrine is a tribute to the original glazed concept, where the fine table ware was traditionally stored. This version is for the beautiful everyday table ware. It was shown as part of the group show Kinship at Gallery Alice Folker.

Photo Benita Marcussen

Steel version made by Blomqvist Kleinsmedie

Ash version made by Møbelsnedkeri Kjeldtoft

Kinship, 2023

Kinship was a group show at Gallery Alice Folker and a series of sculptural terrazzo furniture. Both made in collaboration with Birgitte Due Madsen and Henriette Noermark.

Photo Benita Marcussen

The Wedge, 2022

Designed for Snedkernes Efterårsudstilling. Produced by METALWORKS and Rammelisten.

Photo Benita Marcussen

Production Rammelisten Snedkeri and Metalworks Furniture

CPH:DOX, 2022

Interior project for CPH:DOX at Kunsthal Charlottenborg. Made in collaboration with Lise Birgens Kristensen.

Photo Benita Marcussen

Grid, 2021

Grid was made for the exhibition Brødbasket # Breadkurv at Udstillingssted for Tekstil, curated by Anne Fabricius Møller.

Photo Benita Marcussen

Production Marianna Femerling

Comparing Conditions, 2021

The project was made for the group exhibition Autonomous Design at Schindler House, MAK Center, LA. Made by MBADV (a collaboration between Maria Bruun & Anne Dorthe Vester).

Photo Benita Marcussen


Oak Andrea Stockholm

Marble FBN Stenhuggeri

Wicker Bruun Olsen Flet

Stoneware Tommerup Ceramic Workcenter

Untitled, 2021

Ongoing project containing drinking glasses, vessels and small bowls.

Photo Benita Marcussen

Production Anders Raad Glas

Vase?, 2021

The three pieces were made for the gruop exhibition Nyhedsværdi curated by Ole Jensen at Peach Corner. Made by MBADV (a collaboration between Maria Bruun & Anne Dorthe Vester).

Photo Ole Akhøj

Production B.P. Keramik

Soil Lab, 2021

The project was the Danish contribution to the Chicago Architecture Biennial 2021 and was situated in North Lawndale. Made in collaboration with Eibhlín Ní Chathasaigh, James Martin and Maria Bruun.

Photo Will Quam

Copenhagen Contemporary, 2018

Transformation of The Royal Theatre’s former workshop for scenography into new spaces for large scale installation art. The sketch proposal is made in collaboration with architect Lise Birgens Kristensen. Graphic design made by Studio Atlant.

Photo by Benita Marcussen / David Stjernholm

capellastolen, 2014

The chair was made during a Summer workshop in 2014 at Capellagården. It is made from bight ash wood and what seems to be the backrest works as a small side table for a coffee cup or a note book.